Patio Doors

Patio Doors from Window Depot USA are custom-made to fit the exact dimensions of your doorway. Our patio doors are extremely secure, due to the inclusion of three separate locking points: a keyed lockset, a thumb-turn deadbolt, and a kick-lock. Conversely, they are very easy to open and close when unlocked.

We also offer a Signature Series Patio Door, which is made with an ultra-durable main frame along with a fully-welded and reinforced sash. The roller system is non-corrosive, as well. We provide a great selection of glass styles which determine the amount of sunlight that will shine through. Custom grooved glass styles are another available option.

Patio Doors are typically installed for a number of reasons. Some people simply like having a large opening to enjoy the most scenic view on their property. Others are attracted to the convenience of being able to bring large items, such as trays of food and furniture, in and out through a wider opening, instead of having to squeeze through a traditional entry door. Last but not least, a new Patio Door adds value to your home!

Regardless of your particular needs, Window Depot USA is the place to call for your new Patio Door. Contact us today for a FREE, in-home estimate.