Casement Windows

If you’re looking for replacement windows that open up as wide as possible, Casement windows from Window Depot USA are the answer. Our casement windows are generally tall and narrow. They are hinged on one side and open 90 degrees outward with a hand crank. When closed, they seal tightly to maintain energy efficiency.

Casement Windows from Window Depot USA utilize a bulb-style seal, making them air-tight and keeping the elements outside where they belong! We also use a beveled sash design that makes them more aesthetically pleasing. Our multi-point locking system operates from a single bar, keeping this nice and simple.

Our Casement Windows include the following standard features:

  • 100% virgin uiPVC formulation
  • Ratcheted gear operation
  • A single-point lock mechanism
  • Easy to operate crank handles
  • Refrigerator-like bulb seals
  • Multi-chamber extrusion design
  • A Warm Edge glass spacing system
  • One-inch thick insulated glass units (Standard in MOST cities)

We also provide a number of optional features that can be incorporated into your Casement windows:

  • Low Emissivity glass (Low E)
  • Krypton or Argon insulating gas
  • Colonial or Diamond grids
  • Tempered safety glass
  • Interior simulated wood finish and/or exterior color finish (available in many cities)

Contact Window Depot USA today for a FREE, no-obligation demonstration. One of our insightful and straightforward consultants will provide you with additional information about Casement windows, as well as answering any specific questions you may have. Let us PROVE to you that our excellent prices on top-quality products are unbeatable!